Burglar Alarm Security System Home Alarm Panic Alarm Intruder Alarm Wireless

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Complete Home Security System Features

It’s affordable ! What’s A Life Worth!

Famous Kerui Brand – All batteries are included

Kit includes: * Passive Infrared motion detector

* Remote control

* Door/ window sensor alarm

* All batteries are supplied

This KERUI home alarm system with its magneticdoor, window alarm sensor, and PIR detector will emit a high volume alarm of120dB when the door is suddenly opened or an intruder enters the PIR detectorfield. It can prevent your kids from sneaking out. And it’s a perfect alarm forfamily safety, burglars, intruders and homeand business security.

This wireless door alarm kit comes witha wireless remote control for arming, disarming, SOS and doorbell options. Itmakes it easier to remotely control door/window alarms up to 300 feet.

You expand your home security alarmsystem with more alerts or remote controls, PIR detectors, door sensor, gasdetector, smoke detector and emergency button etc as much as 10 detectors and20 remote controls.

When the contact and magnet are separated – the LED light will come on and the siren will activate immediately.

When the battery is very low, the alarmvolume will decrease and the alarm time will be shortened, reminding you toreplace the battery AAA 1.5V x 2 Batteries are included in all the devices.

A reliable and affordable alternative to an expensive home security system.