Caregiver Elderly Alarm Fall Mat Sensor Pressure Detecting Bed Floor Chair SOS


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Smart Wireless Fall Alert System – Free Shipping!

We have trialled this product in a real life aged care environment. Brilliant – Stable – Reliable

Please note: The receiver on this model uses batteries ( included ) when using high quality batteries the device will last a very long time without requiring to check and re charge.

This model is the manufacturers most popular model!

Fall Prevention Monitoring – Position the mat under the resident’s shoulder blades or the hips.

When the patient/elderly/child/baby is exiting the bed or chair, or body pressure is applied to the mat and then released, the monitor will send a signal to the receiver and audibly alert the caregiver.

Safe Corded Alarm Bed Mat – The 20in x 28in blue pressure sensing mat is made of high-quality nylon material, which is wrinkle-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof, has a long service life, and a soft surface. Being moisture-proof helps prevent damage due to incontinent episodes.

The receiver features adjustable volume and ring alert.

The battery receiver has 4 adjustable volume levels from 0 dB to 110 dB (include mute) which is easy to carry and can be placed in a pocket. Allows the caregiver freedom to monitor movement remotely when someone is getting out of bed or fall prevention.
Wide Application Scenarios – Pressure Sensing Bed mat can be used on a variety of beds, chairs and wheelchairs. Use this system for home, nursing home, apartment and more. You can setup multiple bed alarm mats (one each bed side) for one receiver. Also you can have more than 1 receiver being used with one mat so that each receivers can be in a different rooms.

Batteries are included!

Easy To Use – plug and play, DIY. The corded bed mat plugs into the monitor. As soon as the patient takes their weight off the bed sensor mat the remote alert receiver will notify the caregiver with a sound (open area range up to 500ft.)