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Don’t Become The Next Victim In Your Neighbourhood!

Why you need a home Security System!

Home invasion, break ins,car theft are all at record levels and getting worse. Criminals are becoming more brazen and desperate.
Without an intruder alarm, criminals can enter your home and spend a very long period of time in there, possibly an hour or more, roaming at their leisure and under no pressure. If you are at work or away for the weekend or on holiday, they have plenty of time to violate your space, going through your drawers, clothing, personal effects, documents and valuables and tearing your place apart looking for potentially hidden items. If they steal phones, laptops ipads and computers, then sensitive information, photos and data can be lost forever. They can also cause significant malicious damage, not to mention the damage they can cause just trying to get in.

The Good News!

A home with an alarm system that is visible from the street is a powerful visual deterrent. The red lens of this alarm discreetly flashes red every 5 seconds. It can’t be missed. A very risky proposition for a thief, and they will generally scout for low risk targets with poor security.
The criminals biggest fear is being caught. It could be the home owner, a neighbour or passerby. Someone will hear it and see the flashing strobe and report it. The people who commit these crimes generally have a criminal record and are known to police. Being caught for them is not an option. If they manage to break in and activate an alarm, historical evidence shows their stay will be very brief, possible only seconds. Once activated the alarm siren will go for three minutes and can only be turned off with the remote, and that’s actually a very long time when you are experiencing it. Once the three minutes is up, the system will re arm itself and if triggered again by the intruders it will sound for another three minutes and so on.

Interesting Facts:

Very easy to install – No messy wires – No electrician required!
Anyone who can use a cordless drill can do it, and if not any tradie, handyman will do it with ease. A family member or friend with a basic knowledge with tools won’t have an issue.
It’s virtually plug and play, as we set up the system before dispatch.

Requires no electricity:

The huge solar panel keeps the powerful internal lithium battery charged for up to 120 days without sun (and that will never happen)
The reason for this, is the alarm spends virtually all its time armed in standby mode and ready for action. This uses only miniscule amounts of energy.

SOS – Panic Feature.

Home alone? Frightened, see a prowler or intruder and feel in danger?
You can activate the outdoor siren with your remote from your bed or anywhere up to 400m away.

Are you renting?

That is not a problem for this alarm system. You can take it with you when you leave!

Wireless Intruder Alarm Specifications :

– Twin sirens – Two remote controls – Two PIR Detectors

– Battery: Inbuilt 5200 mAh 3.7V 18650 Lithium battery

– Current: 400mA

– Siren alarm sound: <105dB - Stand-by time: <120 days - Wireless emitting distance: 400m (in the open area) - Wireless receiving distance: 400m ( in the open area ) - Wireless working frequency: 433MHz - Working temperature: -20°C ~ +55°C - Dimension (H x W x L): 114 X 210 X 320 mm - System weight 5.00 kg - All batteries are included - Two year full warranty - After sales technical support ( Yes, you can talk to us on the phone )