Personal Alarm The Venom II Is A Premium Device At 130db It Packs A Powerful Punch


Features: ( USB Charging Cable is included ) + High Quality Built In Lithium Rechargeable Battery – Plus A Lanyard And Key Ring
This device has a unique feature that once you activate it, an attacker or intruder will find it extremely difficult to turn it off. Only you will know this unique feature giving you added protection.
This is not a toy, it is a serious personal alarm, so use with caution!
Perfect for women on their own, students, children, and the elderly
Can be heard for several hundred metres
Quality design with no chance of false alarms
Very bright LED lighting plus a flashing strobe light that will attract attention
Easily attached to the purse, bag, keys, belt, back pack etc
Protect yourself and keep safe. It’s Affordable!
What’s your life worth?