Personal Panic Defence Alarm For Jogger Child Elderly Very Loud 120db-130db


Product Details – Batteries are included

This wrist-type self defence anti attack device is mainly suitable for children, joggers, women alone and the elderly. Due to its unique design, it is easy to camouflage, and it is not easy for criminals to find this product as an alarm. When you need help, just push the switch to send out a 120 to 130 db alarm. The sound, accompanied by the flashing of the super bright warning light, catches the bad guys off guard, and alerts people nearby.

Use function:

1. The wrist alarm is equipped with an adjustable silicone strap, which is easy to carry and use.

2. Toggle the switch, one key triggers the alarm and the surface warning light flashes at the same time.

3. With three LR44 batteries, the high decibel alarm can last for 40 minutes.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 40.2g
Decibel: 120 to 130 db
Material: ABS+Silicone
Battery: LR44*3pcs