Personal Attack Alarms: What you need to know

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There have been personal attack alarms since the early 1970s. Although they have already saved countless lives, it has only been in recent years that they have truly begun to establish a reputation for themselves.

Can a personal attack alarm keep you secure and keep attackers away? If you’re looking for a personal attack alarm in Australia, all you need is something that can fit on your keychain and carry it wherever you go.

What Is a Personal Attack Alarm?

Personal attack alarms, also known as panic alarms and personal defense alarms, exist in various shapes and sizes with differing functionality and effectiveness. When activated, a traditional personal attack alarm emits a loud, ear-piercing sound to deter an attacker from approaching the victim. Some personal alarms for self-defense include a flashing light, a torch, or a spray.
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Elderly lady with a personal alarm

Are Personal Defence Alarms Effective?

Contrary to some assumptions, personal defence alarms do not depend on the loud sound it creates to scare attackers. Its primary purpose is to generate noise to signal the authorities and alert the people who are around you that someone is in danger. It is a wise choice to purchase a personal attack alarm in Australia. An attacker generally would not want to draw attention, so the loud sound from the alarm device has a considerable potential of scaring them off and giving the victim a chance to escape.

Get Help Fast

Calling for help as soon as possible is one of the essential advantages of purchasing a personal attack alarm in Australia. You can never predict when you’ll be in danger. If you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, a brief stroll home on a dark evening might swiftly escalate into something more serious. A personal safety device may be the difference between life and death for you in these circumstances.

Increase Independence

It is always good to feel safe even when you are alone. By carrying a personal attack alarm, you feel secure wherever you go. Regardless of age, gender, or where you go, there is always a risk of someone waiting nearby to attack you. Purchasing a personal attack alarm in Australia can help alleviate your worries and increase your sense of security while you are by yourself.

Personal Attack Alarms Cost Less

Personal safety alarms are far more affordable than many home security systems while offering the same security level. Consequently, a personal safety alarm is ideal if you seek a cost-effective device to stay safe wherever you go.

How to Use Your Personal Attack Alarm?

The majority of attack alarms are worn around the neck, allowing you to have easy access to them whenever you need them. The system is activated by simply pulling or pressing on the emergency points, which causes it to produce a loud siren and flashing strobe, warning those nearby.

If a fall occurs, seniors can also use a personal safety alarm to alert someone. In the event of a heart attack or stroke, they can also speed up the process of calling emergency assistance with the help of the personal attack alarm.

The video below prepared by Greater Manchester Police gives some great safety tips and explores how and when to use your personal safety alarm.

woman with a personal attack alarm

Where to Buy a Personal Attack Alarm?

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